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Our Services

We specialize in the Maintenance, Construction, Resurfacing, Refurbishing, and Repair of sport courtsWe provide a multitude of services to suit your court needs, whether that be just one of the options below or a combination of a few. 

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Tennis Court

Construction & Maintenance

Tell us your vision, and our expert staff will design your project with the aesthetic choices of lighting, fencing, court surfaces, court colors, and more to suite your needs.  We also provide technical maintenance and assist in the personalization of a previous court to keep a modern look and feel.

Basketball Court Construction & Maintenance

In addition to tennis courts, we specialize in constructing premier quality outdoor basketball courts that achieve all the style and customizable elements for your vision. Maintaining your basketball court is something we believe is essential in preserving the look and quality of the court over time, which is why we also provide services to repair or improve your previous court to suit your needs.

Pickleball Court Construction & Maintenance

Constructing a customized Pickleball court as well as resurfacing, repairing, or replacing elements of a previous court is a service we take pride in here at Match Point Tennis Courts. 

Customized Game Courts & Integrated Striping 

We can do a variety of game courts and designs customized to fit your needs. Pickleball and basketball striping can be integrated onto your court to give multiple functions to the same space. Tell us your creative and unique vision for your sport court!

Some of our Many Services Provided

                   Striping tennis courts with pickleball lines

                   Re-painting and replacing fences

                   Installing new net posts for both pickleball and tennis courts

                   Installing new basketball hoops

                   Replacing court nets

                   Re-caulking expansion joints

                   Hanging new windscreens (9' & 12' high)

                   Replacing lights with high quality customized LED lighting

                   Grading area to build a court

                   Replacing center anchors, capacitors, ballasts, & breaker switches

                   Troubleshooting general electrical problems

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